I offer coaching and consultancy to artists, creatives and entrepreneurs who are ready to purposefully dive deeper into their work.

We all embody the power to boldly create but only a small percentage of us are strongly drawn to live by our creative vision.


The drive to contribute to the world as an artist, creator and visionary is something I deeply respect and exactly what I’ve been trained to nurture in you.



My Approach to Coaching

A coaching partnership is an empowering, goal-oriented union that delivers results on a meaningful and transformational level. I support my clients in defining their purpose and vision so they can continue to evolve towards becoming even more powerful, prosperous, and profitable.


I am in service to individuals, businesses and organizations who are ready to thrive and make impactful steps towards their goals.

My Typical Clients Are:

  • Established and aspiring Artists, Designers, Writers, Musicians, Composers, Producers - a wide range of creatives. 

  • Entrepreneurs.​

  • Mission-based individuals working in movement and non-profit sectors.

  • Heart-driven people finding their purpose and devoted to making positive change in the world. 

  • Coaches in the early stages of their careers, perhaps in their skill-building phases, starting out and beginning to form their career-vision.

  • People who want to live their lives wholly from their values.

Where My Clients Create:

"And this I believe: that the free, exploring mind of the individual human is the most valuable thing in the world.
And this I would fight for: the freedom of the mind to take any direction it wishes, undirected"  
                                                        - John Steinbeck, East of Eden


Client testimonials

I was looking for someone to help focus and optimize my productivity and networking skills and time shortly following a move to Los Angeles. I felt stuck, I was doubting myself and my process. I was hoping to find external answers and solutions to build upon. 

Then I met Sasha. Through our initial conversations, Sasha felt like someone that I could build lasting trust with. I wasn’t looking for a coaching experience to be a yes-person or pity party. I was looking for someone to generally help by critically evaluating my approach. Because of the trust we developed during our initial meeting, I felt comfortable sharing my own truths unmasked by inhibitions.

For anyone considering Sasha’s coaching, I would recommend Sasha’s coaching to anyone who is open to self-improvement. Having a coach makes the process of bettering oneself so much more streamlined, and helps answers and peace of mind flow naturally. Sasha is a veteran guide who will guide and motivate you to continue the climb of whatever mountain stands in your way.  


- Gabe (Music Producer/ Composer)

Let's Be In Touch

The best way you will know if coaching with me is a fit for you at this time is to experience it! If you are interested in getting in touch and learning more about this process, how we will work together and how your creative career will benefit, let's meet.


The 30-minute interest chat is a great opportunity for you to take the first step.