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Group Coaching

Help Finding a Career Coach

If you are ready to take the next step in your career it may be time to find professional career coaching to help advance and develop your skills. You want to be able to have the knowledge and understanding of the industry so that you can be prepared for what the industry may throw at you. Plus, it is important to have a realistic mindset about possible goals and achievements so that you can track your growing success. Professional career coaching can help you advance your career and polish an existing resume and skill set. Working together with a coach one on one will be able to help you find key skills to highlight and ask specific questions about the industry or about your particular career. Professional career coaching is ideal for individuals who are seeking specialized service and attention.

Another option for help with career coaching is group coaching. While group coaching combines several different people together into one coaching session, group coaching can be wonderfully beneficial. Often, many people in the group are in the same industry and may be experiencing some of the same concerns, troubles, and questions that you may have. Group coaching can help to put very like minded individuals together in order to sort out common questions and address common issues when breaking into the music and entertainment industry. Although group coaching sessions are not catered to one individual, they can be tremendously helpful to help individuals work alongside other peers in the entertainment industry.

If you are struggling finding a career coach feel free to reach out to Sasha Patpatia Coaching for help. Not only are we well versed in the creative arts, but we know what it takes to break through in the entertainment industry. Our team has a way of looking at individual skills and talents so that we can highlight each individual. It is all about getting yourself noticed in the entertainment and creative industry. Our creative minds are able to approach your skills from a different angle when compared to a traditional career coach. If you need help finding a career coach, schedule an introductory call with Sasha Patpatia Coaching. We are happy to learn about your skills, experience, and future goals so that we can work together to advance your career.

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