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Coaching FAQ's

What type of results can I expect from coaching?

The result of Coaching is always action. You will leave each coaching session with at least 1-2 actionable steps that produce results in physical reality, i.e. making stuff happen in the direction of your dream & goals. You will experience moving from a state of overwhelm, freeze or "stuck", in to creative flow after just one session. This is guaranteed. Financially speaking, you will see a return on your investment within the first three months of our six month partnership. Clients also tend to find more time freedom, fulfillment and increased energy.


I’m curious to find out more but unsure if coaching is right for me.

This is completely understandable and very common. The first step is to fill out the Coaching Application Form where you have the opportunity to detail your current practice, future vision and perceived challenges. Once that is submitted, I will reach out to you directly so we can meet face to face and assess if coaching is right for you at this time! There is no obligation to take up coaching after this.


I don’t think of myself as creative but I have an idea I’d like to explore. 

I use creative strategies to empower my clients to take calculated risks and take steps towards their goals. You don’t need to think of yourself as an artist or creative to work with me.

What if this doesn't work, what if I fail? 

I've heard this before and have good news: Failure occurs when we stay stuck or frozen and don’t take action. Any designated action towards your vision is you demonstrating success, which I define as “doing what you said you would do with clarity, focus, ease and grace”.

Can I buy 1-3 sessions, and go from there?

In my experience working in different formats and structures, I found that six months with two sessions per month is the most successful offering. This is the minimum amount of time necessary to adapt and integrate to a new process. Because I specialize in working with visionaries with BIG dreams to accomplish, it takes time and energy to make the kind of changes necessary and strategize for long-term results. I would never deliver on half of your dream, nor will you! If you are unsure if a 6-month program is a fit for you, you can schedule a Clarity Session (my only one-session offering) to get a taste for this work. 

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