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Our Coaching Partnership

This work is an empowering, goal-oriented process that delivers results on a transformational level. My role in your life is to stand by your side as you direct your full focus and attention on what holds meaning and purpose in your life, then plan your steps in that direction.

With you as the leader at the helm, I am by your side with all the tools, insights and strategies necessary to take your work from good to exquisite. The visionaries I work with are not only very committed and driven, but have potentially applied their talents in a commercial space for some time now and are ready to take on the pleasure of self-leadership.


Current coaching offering includes:

Minimum six month commitment

Two monthly 55 minute sessions

Two 30 minute bonus sessions 

Text and email support between sessions

Presentation, interview, panel or tour prep and industry insights

Please contact me for current package rates and offerings. 

Clarity Session

A one-off clarity session is the only single session package in my current offerings. This is a great way to get a taste for coaching if you are new to the practice, or are looking to make a breakthrough on one specific area of your work or life. 

A single session can be incredibly productive and have a huge impact in defining where you're at on your journey and your next steps.​​

Example topics for the clarity session include:

conceptual brainstorming

tackling overwhelm


managing balance

financial strategies for sustaining your creative practice


career purpose

moving up in the non-profit organizational management

how to manage your team, staying motivated

"It’s all about making commitments to doing the real work, the hard work, because ultimately that is where to find real joy."  
                                        - Terry Tempest Williams

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