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I am a Creativity and Artist Career Coach with an ontological approach to coaching visionaries seeking support in achieving both professional and personal goals.

My areas of expertise lie in helping creatives develop process strategies, tools for self-evaluation, project management, and streamlined practices that break down large goals into actionable steps.

I work towards bringing diversity into the creative arts by targeting typically under-served communities, including (and not limited to) individuals from marginalized communities, female entrepeneurs and women in business, individuals who are the minority within their organization/work environment, and those without the financial or social opportunities to pursue higher education. 

With over a decade of experience working in the creative industries, I understand what it takes to succeed and the challenges we can face along the way. 

Black and Indigenous Lives Matter

I stand with Black Lives Matter and pledge to show up for the work at hand. Doing the work means challenging the status quo and identifying my role in upholding white supremacy systems that many of us are waking up to.


Recognizing that these systems are deeply integrated into our personal and professional lives, I pledge to consistently push back actions or words that perpetuate racism, white supremacy and systemic injustices aimed specifically at black and indigenous folk. This means speaking up in a setting where one or more people are demonstrating racism or unacknowledged privilege pertaining to racial inequity, and reflecting on times where I have remained complacent in the face of racism against Black and Indigenous communities or people.

I’m open to receiving feedback on my business and learning plan from any party who wishes to contribute to or comment on my learning path.


Remaining open and listening is one of my commitments to the movement. Inaction is not a choice in the world of anti-racism. 

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