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Hi, I’m Sasha!

I’m the daughter of an artist and a financial advisor, harnessing a unique combination of left and right brain skills. My career journey started with music journalism, which led me to artist marketing and national sales roles within independent outfits and major labels. Curious about the specifics of a high level artist’s creative process, I worked alongside an elite team of A-list film composers, managing day to day business affairs and assembling talented teams of musicians and producers. My career grew and expanded, yet I was living with a consistent craving for meaningful work that contributed to my communities on a deeper yet practical level.

I wanted to participate in the arts community in a radically different way than the status quo: serving as a Coach and Creative Partner.

My professional experiences in the arts and entertainment worlds contributed to my high level understanding of the day to day practice of creating a successful and profitable arts career. In working closely with industry renowned and  established artists, I saw that there is a clear discernment between how commercially successful work and personally meaningful work are not always in alignment.


That is the gap in creative work that I seek to align, alongside my talented and ambitious clients.


Our way to success comes from the quality of the path we create for ourselves, and by creating from within our own framework with specific tools at hand. I believe your artistic contribution already exists in its entirety, all you need to do is listen for it.


My professional coach training is embedded in an ontological approach, as I work alongside visionaries on their path towards achieving both professional and personal goals.

On equity & my business practices

Ensuring that coaching is a maintainable resource and accessible source of support is a top priority for my business. I hold two free mentorship spaces per quarter, designed specifically to support individuals who identify with emerging majority communities regardless of race, gender or identity.  
A portion of my fees is donated to a different innovative, creative and BIPOC organization on a monthly basis. I have taken the anti-racist small business pledge, and am committed to building an equitable, anti-racist business. 

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